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Dec. 7th, 2009

New Blog!

hello people!

i will be shifting to a new blog ya: amylimjiaying.livejournal.com
cya guys there!

Aug. 2nd, 2009

Camps camps and more camps!

SOCI, ACF Arts and Freshmen Team Building Camp. I completed them all!! (This is going to be a long entry)

Soci camp had a super cool theme. 6th sense. A story plot of 6 murders, 6 mysteries, 6 ghosts. The reason for the theme was cuz we are the 6th batch of students of SMU School of Social Sciences! Group name: Chaser 1. Met luo er's friend Tiffany from our buddy group. she's like so super enthu. *wink wink*

day one at soci camp. i guess some of us would know lydia and christine! jeremy and jon are super super funny. and afifah. she's an amzing soccer player! represented singapore before! amanda was just pure cute-ness. =) and cheers to our enthu facis!

Amazing race at sentosa. had amazing race around singapore during the day. this was the night. hiong hiong!!

This was when we Just completed our fright trail. it was super duper scary. there were actually people dressing up as ghosts and we had to do things for them in order to pass!!

This was the last day when we were partnering with our buddy group to complete the challenge!

This was during dinner at the tree house before breaking camp. i look totally weird here. cuz i was already running a temperature of 38 plus plus had cough and sore throat and my body ache like hell. left early and went to kk to check up. dear came to pick me up =) and upon reaching there. the doctor was more concerned of me being pregnant then me having the H1N1. =.=

Then came arts camp. This was taken when the camp just started, had a super funny group. Loves them!!

This was during some indo culture club thingy. at first we all thought it was going to be super lame. but it ended up to be the most interesting, the funniest workshop that we attended and we all agreed. it became our code aka whenever we start humming the song we'll start dancing it. haha. (this was apart from our no pressure thingy: ironically formed to let people succumb to peer pressure)

during hip hop.

during one of our night games.

During dinner before bash. =)

during bash. it was maddness!! totally turned club like!! but we stayed in our small circle grooving to our very weird moves.

our really cosy rev cafe! (ACC)

and we were the wiinning group for the skit. i had to act like a bimbo who's totally obessed with pink, ha! won dr martenzz boots worth 180!! totally worth it!

Then came the camp we all dreaded. FTB. BUT IT TURNED OUT TO BE FUN!!
all the digging for eyeballs in a budget of fish, sotong or whatever those were while being blindfolded. biting a thin slice of apple from a plate of maggots. bathed in water-clogged bathrooms. and what not.

didnt' have much photos. or rather not uploaded yet. this was the last day of camp. =)

That's about it. TTYL!

Jul. 22nd, 2009

A day out with Yawen and her bf @ Vivo!!

Went shopping with stupid girl and her bf today! got similar 'i love my boyfriend' top from forever 21 and similar tube dresses from fox! wee! i so totally dun mind buying the same as her cuz i know it'll always turn out differently when the both of us wear it. she'll probably give the very slim and girly feeling while me... ya. short and chubby. =.= so no competition. hee.

i purposely chose the uglier picture of those we took this afternoon. haha. she's mad. she wore her clothes as if she was attending someone's wedding. HAHA!

anyway. went to arts pre camp dinner after our shopping trip! i was quite shocked to see that my group actually had more guys than girls!! and ya. i'm pretty afraid to join Emix (short form lah) cuz i know my standard's not up there yet. been taking classes from clare. she urges me to join patrick's classes. haha. BUT I"M NOT READY!!!

gonna have back to back camps!! gonna sleep early! night night!!

ps: i'm going to save money to buy me and dear matching wallets from NUM (the pink and brown one). lurb our matching glasses and phones!! =)

Jul. 20th, 2009


hello people. (haha, this is just proof of the self-denial i live in thinking that people actually read my blog)

ok, i should totally start blogging again. i'm like 3 months behind. i'm really afraid my writing would suck even more now that my brain, writing skills and just about every other thing is inactive for SUCH A LONG TIME!

ok, i'm going to start blogging then. starting from.... err... STARRINGSMU car wash as my first blog entry.

these are just some of the fun people i know. haha. i look really hard-working here.

i prefer the people in this team as compared to the one i had for soci camp. should have known and luckily i'm so super used to it thanks to sajc. soci=bitch plus gossips plus flirting. the people here are downright crappy, making life much much much easier.

anyway, my sunburnt was damn bad lah. it actually hurts. and our motto for the day, "why wash car when you can wash people" as quoted from sherman. haha. yup, we were drenched. water,clean water, dirty water, soapy water, soap, green tea.

more pics on facebook!! i'm just probably taking the most recent one.

anyway, TTYL!!

Apr. 9th, 2009

SP Temps!!

Introducing.... Singapore Polytechnic Finance Dept Temps!!


whoever who did the editing of the photos... I LOVE IT!!!

yup. there wasn't much to blog about SP actually. Not quite as attached to them as compared to SSW. yea, most prob it's the time issue lah. oh well. i'm just bored so i'm looking for random things to blog about. (ok, fine. i have to mark my tutor student's work and work out answers for her... err... later lah. brain shutdown.)

oh ya. my next job would be at paya lebar's Sing Post, HSBC. better paid as compared to SP, but still... SSW is da best. (ok ok, they're around the same range too.) i hope to do more OT for this one. so that i can take my mind off certain stuff. and since yawen's working time is similar, we can go out for dinner dates more often! yay! (if not i always gotta take leave to spend one full day with her. =P) ya, i went for this interview like nobody's business. didn't prepare anything, not hoping anything, wondering why was i even there and i got the job on the spot. said they liked my personality (cuz i was talking to them rather casually as i still did not know why i was there) and i managed to answer some accounting, financing, insurance questions correctly (and surprisingly. not thinking remember?)

so i gotta get some heels again. gosh. haven't been wearing them since my contract at SSW.

i know all my previous posts are regarding SSW but... okok, i'll TRY not to mention it so often... *pouts*

Apr. 8th, 2009

(no subject)

here i am, indulging in nothingness again. yes, i did promise that my entries would not be so emo-fied and whiny after the As but oh well.. life is after all unpredictable.


random pictures of the gifts i received in SSW. the first being a treat by hui ying on the shuttle ride to hougang and the second being a xmas gift from darius. funny how attached i am to that company (well.. ironically at least)
ok i think i'm going to admit what i've been denying..
yes. i miss the lunch breaks we had together.
i miss the tuang-ing times during tea-break.
i miss hanging out at the alfresco area after lunch.
i miss walking to the warehouse at my own pace.
i miss the pantry.
i miss the toilet.
i miss sleeping on the shuttle to work.
and most importantly, i miss the people there.

and yes, i admit that i almost wanted to tell Mr Jo that i did want to extend my contract on my last day after my visit to the warehouse. i was holding back my tears there. because and despite the short period of 2 weeks i had in the warehouse, i felt very comfortable being there. too comfortable for my own good. i felt part of a family. probably they had no intention of doing so but nevertheless there was this vibe which i enjoyed. i always knew the attraction of the warehouse that it had on me. quiet, humble, and ultimately, DANGEROUS. but i wasn't reluctant of my work there. in fact i looked forward to it most of the times. (ya.. there were times i was rather lazy to go because it is a fact that i was doing my things alone...) i could listen to my PSP without any guilt. and i like being able to handle the lift trolleys (or whatever you call it) there. it was so super cool lah. it's just that i couldn't act so 'mountain tortoise' the first time i was taught to use it, it totally woke me up early in the morning of a working day lah (9 Feb 2009 to be precise). it's difficult to forget the date; i am more inclined towards photographic memory and i remembered receiving the emaiil for me regarding the assignment at the warehouse (initially i thought i did something wrong alright....). 

ok. more to be uploaded next time.. gotta go type answers for my students!!  

Apr. 6th, 2009

(no subject)

okok. i know i'm gone like forever. i'm just over everywhere expect home ok? haha.
i'm JUST done with the university applications. JUST done with respect to SMU. i think they're scary. haha.
anyway. on a lighter note, me and yawen did something stupid... again.. LOL.


yup. that stupid girl actually woke me up, asked me to go to an interview early on wednesday morning, which i actually had trouble keeping myself awake cuz i didn't have any intention of looking for a job so soon. (yes, i am currently 'self-employed' by my own will as i am unwillingly to tolerate any mental stress during this big break. but ya. i'm employed again, starting next monday. it was actually tomorrow and i declined again. haha.) then we chilled at TCC. and we decided to be tourists for the day. so we took the river taxi, got dropped off at clarke quay and shopped at central. (this mad girl actually spent $400 on her PRADA shades!!! after catching confessions of a shopaholic.) after which we went back to reality..again.

i hate it when she makes sense at times she's not supposed to.

then after which... SSW TEMPS!!!

venue: mines cafe.
i only remembered laughing. and i like root beer float.

this was the 3rd time we ever went out lah, or rather had a group photo. still haven't download the previous time one. sorry!! haha.

anyway, i just had a conversation with my very very very old friend: joey chua.
The purple hair-ed princess and the knight in armani armor says
Well you're talking to a guy whose been with u since pri school
The purplearmani armor says hair-ed princess and the knight in
Haha. But even until now I'm still here for you
The purple hair-ed princess and the knight in armani armor says
You know I'm always your man. All u need to do is call and I'd rush down with my bike. Haha
The purple hair-ed princess and the knight in armani armor says
Because I've always loved you. =]
The purple hair-ed princess and the knight in armani armor says
Amy lim jia ying.

The purple hair-ed princess and the knight in armani armor says
Haha. Yep, and until today I still regret loads of stuff that happened
The purple hair-ed princess and the knight in armani armor says
Cuz I lost you =)
The purple hair-ed princess and the knight in armani armor says
t's still haunting me until today. Haha
The purple hair-ed princess and the knight in armani armor says
Haha. Maybe you're right. Cuz u thought me how to treasure the things in my life

i'm not flattering myself in any way alright, it's just that he has been there since like... pri sch? so ya, i'm really glad to know him. =)
and i know i've not been a good friend. i always forget birthdays etc etc. haha. sorry!!

Jan. 6th, 2009

(no subject)

dear's relative wedding!
i dun have any pictures of the whole event. well. becasue i dunno who's who and etc etc. but i gotta say if that's my wedding, i'll probably kill the organiser.

the only pictures of the day. haha. because i knew he LOVED this dress, because i knew i need to memorise people (which i did! muhahah~~) that's why this dress came out. no lah, i was jokking abt the memorising. it's just that he told me that his sister's husband's mother kept staring at me with memorised eyes and kept saying i was pretty and looked like a jap (i'm gald she din say look like... well you know. =.=)

anyway, i guess it's time to officially write it down on my blog, yup, i got a job at this wafer producing company located at tampines. =D ya, i know sounds very industrial and such right? but no. it's very office. haha. and i'm working as IT admin. can you imgaine? me? IT? oh well. haha.

i kinda started the day after prom, 2nd dec. so i had only 3 hrs of sleep before work. that's excluding accompnaying yawen to drink and such. dear took over the job and went K together. lolx. i'm still a kid lor!! (as in among them. haha) the pay's pretty good and transport is provided.

the people there are damn gentlemen. (as in actions) haha. at least for those guys which i'm able to click with. Jia Cheng and Hsien Sheng. and there were lots of crappy moments. let me break it down.

Jia Cheng:
  • appologised to me cuz he dao-ed me one day in the lift (this was on my second day of work which we haven't started talking and it's absolutely ok if we ignored each other and it totally makes sense to do so. based on the culture i was exposed to in JC. and thanks to that i was able to be alone comfortably on the first week of work. )
  • came over to have conversations with me at my table everytime my boss was away (cuz i share a table with my boss. the table's big, so there was more than enought place)
  • felt damn bad about the xmas gift i gave him such that he's always paying for me when we sneaked down to the canteen for tea. and i'm still finding ways to pay him back.
  • never let girls open the door, i guess. haha. cuz there was once we are leaving the office with some others lah. then i was already at the door before him cuz he was busy talking over the phone. then when i was already pushing the door, he rushed to it and was indicating with his hands that he will open. then i was like huh? then the next thing i know is that he already opening the door. lolx.
  • talks about ANTM and tries to imitate them.
  • takes a nap in the toilet whenever he feels sleepy.
  • suprisingly sweet at times when he offers his drinks and observed my stress-out days and my eating habits (dun get the wrong idea. he's got a gf. and these observations were made so that we can make fun of each other.) no lah, cuz there was one day i got a very rushed assignment i had to finish and i din know wht to do and the bosses already went out. so during lunch i din eat much lah. that's why he said and observe i would eat finish almost everything but would leave one mouth worth of food untouched. haha.
  • calls me cool girl cuz he didn't expect that i danced hip hop and have many other guy-ish interests.
  • typicallly my BFF in work. haha.

Hsien Sheng:
  • very gentlemanly. speaks with a slight accent and got a very nice smile.
  • he was the one who noticed me on the first day of work cuz i was wandering aimlessly and he guided me around. (the reason why he knows, or rather, all the other temps know that i was a temp is because my agent aka my choir senior annouced my arrival one week before, as told to me by jia cheng and hsien sheng)
  •  bought a bar of chocolate for me, together with jia cheng cuz thay are still feeling guilty about xmas
  • offered to help me get my food at a food court for lunch when what we wanted is from the same store. although i was expecting two bowls of noodles when he came back, he came back with one-mine. then i asked where's his. he said still at the counter. at the same time, he was stumbling and fiddling with the utensils he had in his hand and tried to lay them properly for me. lolx!! foodcourt lor. when i said nevermind, he was like, finishing soon finshing soon. before he put the utensils for him at the side of the tray. after which he went back to get his food.
  • is mad. cuz he's from HCI and is like in the most gifted programme. like the gifted of the gifted.
great people. of course there are others lah. but i feel more at ease with them. ironically, they're also from cat high (=.=) but how come....

anyway, because im veryb bored during weekends, i might just take up my old job i had 2 years ago at thomson. sigh. i want to go sentosa and the zoo~~ (oh!! there might be a zoo trip with the office temps!! aiya. but in my opinion low possibility cuz the guys would rather spend time with gf right~)

Jan. 2nd, 2009

(no subject)

happy 18th birthday liling!!! (finally~ haha)

celebrated birthday at tao's. surprisingly, not a bad place and the presentation of food was pretty!! just because the pictures always take such a long tme to load and because i'm lazy, i'm not going to post the pictures of the food. mich shall do the job!! she always does. haha. and photos photos and more photos. liling surprised as with her footing the bill for the alcohols. shocked lor!!! not because of what lah but it was just... shocking. haha.


duh. there was more pics. but because it was night and dark and flash was needed and flash made me look all weird, ugly and gothic. so i won't post it up. hehe. ciao!

(no subject)

due to the large import of photos i have from the korea trip, i shall fast forward to xmas and liling's birthday first. haha.

Xmas Eve 2008

haha. this was one rushed xmas. i came back on the 23rd, rushed to get materials and made the presents throughout the night. meet up with TGG, peng ru and timo for gift exchanges!!! but i gotta leave the girls early due to family dinner. =( anyway, i caught twilight with dear on midnight, yes, xmas. wee~~~ i love twilight!! (this will be more updated as the focus here is not this. haha)

the prezzies i got for them, DIY by me, of course there were more lah. this was what I made:

and because we kept delaying, we couldn't up and exchange the gifts properly. so in the end, we met up at potong pasir mrt to get the job done (of all MRT stations..)

the prezzies for me: and before he complains, FU PENG RU YOUR PRESENT IS THE BEST OF THE BEST-EST!!! (haha. that's because he gave me bird's nest. and he says i must say his present is the best. =p and since then my aunt who used to frequent the game shop we used to work in thomson plaza has started calling him bird's nest kor kor)

family dinner at home: we decided to go local. because we just came back from korea eating nothing but korean. =.=

Xmas day was spent with dear: marche @ vivo!


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